Hi, I'm Jono

I'm a designer of all sorts living and working in London.

Side project: I'm currently working on sketchplanations.com

About Me

Mostly now on Instagram (I'm palojono). But before now mountains, big landscapes and travel are my thing. You can see a few here and in the photo books and find the rest at palojono on Flickr.

I've played piano most of my life. It's about the most relaxing thing I do. Have a listen.

I'm a fan of mindmapping, sketching and Moleskines. Sometimes it works out well. Working on sketchplanations.com to hone the skills. One a day for 2013.

I work on the user experience at Nutmeg — a new, online investment manager. Nutmeg has the wonderful vision of helping us all be better off in the future.

I studied design teams during the new product development process at Berkeley University in California.

Which I have been writing off and on for about 7 years.

Mostly using Blurb. I love 'em. You can even buy a few.

I wrote a simple chord progression generator in Processing. For when you're stuck for ideas for what to play.


More about me

I am a user experience designer and strategist based in London working at Nutmeg.

Previously I worked at Jump Associates, a design strategy firm in the Bay Area, USA. Jump helps companies find new opportunities for growth by helping them make products that people actually want. It was great to be a part of it.

In May 2008 I earned a PhD from the Berkeley Institute of Design at the University of California, Berkeley. My doctoral thesis studied Effective Framing in Design Teams.

Before heading to the US I worked at Creax — a fantastically creative firm headquartered in Belgium — managing software development and consulting and training on innovation particularly using methods for systematic innovation originally based on TRIZ: a theory of inventive problem-solving. Sometimes it's awesome and what I learned doing that provides a different lens on everything I do.

Get a fuller work history by viewing my LinkedIn profile.


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