Chord Progression Generator

Stuck for inspiration composing music? The Chord Progression Generator will give you a chord sequence in the key you want that always sounds good.

Four player online Tag 2.0

A project for Greg Niemeyer's Game Design Class in Spring 2007.

Play the final version of Tag 2.0

See the design iterations and play tests for Tag 2.0.


Draw a picture and send it back to me using the Mini-Etch-a-Sketch I built in Processing.


Head to the books page

I have enjoyed making books so much that I made a separate books page.


I love playing the piano and composing my own music. Composing is a little strong as I never actually write it down (well, just enough to remember how to play it). Have a listen.

I also had fun making CD cases for some of my compilations.

Getting into American Universities

I spoke with Margaret Kroto for her book Getting into American Universities. In case you're visiting from there here you can find my experience and advice about everything that was needed to get into Berkeley.

Engineering Pathway

For much of my time at UC Berkeley I collaborated on building and maintaining the Engineering Pathway and NEEDS - a digital library for engineering education. Both sites are the place to go for resources on engineering and science education. There is a wealth of excellent online exercises, animations, lesson plans, references materials and more. The Engineering Pathway is being continually developed, though I'm no longer actively involved. The Today in History EP blog has some neat, short articles about engineering firsts.

More projects (on their way)